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Cherry Bombs programming spaces is located at the front of our facility and is L shaped. 

This space is designed specifically to meet toddlers needs and nurture their abilities. The classroom is equip will small furnishing and an accessible sink.

This spaces is designated for up to 12 toddlers ages 19 - 30 months.

 Ms. Aaliyah 
(See educators bios our educators page!) 

Full Time Child care 

Ages 13 - 18 months             $310


Families with a household income of up to $180 000 qualify for an additional max. of $266 in subsidy

The space includes infant sleep, carpeted flooring, small furniture, and a variety of play material. 


The classroom also has two change stations and sinks!


Classrooms are filled with materials to represent each child.


The Baby Bombs space features four large windows providing tremendous amounts of natural light


The classroom has a second sink accessible to the children!

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