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Reach out today to inquiry about spaces!


This spaces is located at the front of our building. The space has three educators and 18 children ages 19 months - 3 years. The classroom is split to allow no more than 12 children per classroom.

This space is designed for toddler! With accessible toilets, sinks and all materials to allow for children to become fully engaged in their day!

All groups work to implement the Alberta Curriculum Framework 'Flight' in an inclusive environment. The educators also plan based on the child's interest to create a play-based environment. 

Join Ms. Paige, Ms. Ravita and Ms. Jane!! (See bios on our educators page)


Contact BDA 

to join  


OPEN Monday - Friday 7:00am - 6:00pm

Morning snack 9:30am 

Lunch 11am

Afternoon snack 2pm



BDA also provides sunscreen & bug spray!

Drop in         $8

Full Time      $390

Additional subsidies available for all families making u tp $180 000!
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