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Meet our Team!

Our Leadership Team

All BDA educators and staff members have first aid & CPR, a criminal record check with vulnerable sector search. 

All educators are certified at minimum as ECE Level 1, many educators are certified to higher levels.

Bomb Squad


Program Director /Owner

Ms. Allison opened BDA in September 2016.

As our program director, Allison works on much of the program development including staffing, training, communications with families, marketing and more from behind the scenes for our business development and licensing maintenance. 

Allison was nominated for Business Professional of the year, and the Employee of the year in 2022 from the Brooks Chamber of Commerce. 

Allison is enrolled at Portage for her ECE Diploma. 

Allison is the Vice-Chair of the Brooks & County of Newell Early Childhood Development Coalition, as well as the Past President of the Alberta Cheerleading Association.

Some of Allisons previous experience includes coaching cheerleading from 2011-2018 with athletes ages 2 - 18, honoured as a Mentor with FCSS in 2013, and as an Honourable Mention for Jr. Citizen in Brooks.

Prior to beginning this education path, Allison was on route to become an Elementary Teacher! With a passion for working with children, having roots in Brooks and the desire to share her enthusiasm for an active lifestyle, Allison and Heather put their experience, goals and abilities together to create Brooks Dynamite Academy!

Allison lives in Brooks with her daughter Oaklyn and dog Kahlia.


Program Owner & Preschool Coordinator/ Educator


Ms. Heather opened BDA in September 2016!

Heather moved to Brooks from Manitoba in 2003. She has four children, one grandson, and one granddaughter. Heather has always had a passion for children, she ran a day home for five years and worked in the public school system for seventeen years. Heather worked in the Pre-K program and has had the opportunity to work with a variety of students with different needs and abilities.

Heather is our preschool teacher! Heather develops the curriculum, performs assessments, and teaches all classes. In addition to teaching preschool, Heather works on many tasks throughout our program. You may find her completing new projects, working in the office or in the classrooms with the children.

Heather loves to cook and spend time at the lake where she resides with Brooks Dynamites very own handyman Dave and their daughter Miley.


Program Coordinator 

Chelan joined BDA in June 2017. Chelan is certified as a Level 2 ECE with her ECE Certificate. Chelan is attending Portage to receive her ECE Diploma & Level 3 certificate. 

Previously to working at BDA, Chelan has been in the ECE since 2012 and working with children since 2008.

Chelan has lived in Brooks since 2016, living with her boyfriend, their daughter and 2 step children. Chelan originally began her education at the university of Winnipeg to become a Social Worker. After two years she decided Early Education was a better fit!

At BDA, Chelan works primarily as a leader within our program providing extra support within the classes as well as rotating out educators for breaks, time for programming and assisting in enhancements to classrooms. In addition to time in the classes, Chelan assists with sanitation practice upkeep including records, daily survey monitoring and facility cleaning.

Chelan recently worked in our 3/4 year old classroom as our Inclusive Educator to provide enhanced ratio. Chelan is now back in her own room with 4 - 5 year olds, Firecrackers!


Administrative Coordinator

Kaitlin joined BDA in December 2021! Kaitlin is certified as a Level 1 ECE and enrolled in ELCC Level 2. 

As our Administrative Coordinator, Kaitlin works on much of the program maintenance such as subsidy reports, communication with families, newsletters and much more! Kaitlin also manages all financial matters including invoicing, payroll and funding applications! 


Kaitlin grew up in Brooks. Kaitlin loves being a mom and has three children. 


Prior to joining BDA, Kaitlin worked as an Admin for ten years.


Most Amazing Cook

Annette joined BDA in the fall of 2018. 


Annette is from Nova Scotia and moved to Brooks with her husband 5 years ago. Annette has 2 children. She recently became a Grandma to her grandson, Axel, who is the joy of her life! Annette loves to cook and has worked in many kitchen’s throughout her life. When she is not at work cooking up a storm, she is at home sewing or watching her favourite shows!

Annette is a liaison between our educators, assists educators as needed and ensures a variety of sanitary practices are upheld. 


Ms. Ally - Baby Bombs

Ms. Ally joined BDA in March 2022. Ally is Certified as a Level 3 ECE. Ally works primarily with infants ages newborn to 18 months. 


Ally grew up and lived in Ontario. In 2022, she moved to Alberta and now lives in Brooks with her fiance and their dog, Mocha.


In the classroom, Ms. Ally enjoys being active with the children and spending time outside! Ally enjoys talking with the parents get to know not only their children but their families as well.


Ally completed two years of Early Childhood Education at Fanshawe College where she earned her diploma.


A special note: One thing I love most about being an educator is how each day is different, there is always something new to learn for not only the children but also for me!

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 8.45.11 AM.png

Ms. Laura - Atomic Bombs

Ms. Laura joined BDA in November 2020. After spending a year in the infant classroom, Ms. Laura has moved to Atomic Bombs with her group! Ms. Laura is the educator for ages 15 - 30 months. 


Laura grew up in Brazil, moving to Alberta six years ago! Laura lives in Brooks with her soon to be husband!


Laura greets each family with enthusiasm and is excited to share her observations with families each day. Within the classroom, Laura is observed enjoying sensory activities, art and always exploring her kiddo’s interests. 


Laura is currently enrolled in a double major in Psychology and Humanities and Early Childhood Education Diploma!


A special note: My favourite part about being an educator is being able to develop a connection with the infants and plan strategies to enhance their abilities!

Our Educators

Detonation Team


Ms. Autumn - Baby Bombs 

Ms. Autumn joined BDA in September 2021 and has worked primarily with infants & toddlers!


Autumn grew up in Brooks and has a passion for music and drama.


Within the classroom, Autumn enjoys getting messy with the kids during activities, especially with art!


Autumn completed a year and a half towards a Bachelor’s of Education in fine arts at the University of Lethbridge. 


A special note: My favourite part about being an educator is how rewarding working with children can be and how much they make you smile. 


Ms. - Baby Bombs

A special note: My favourite part about being an educator is 


Ms. Ravita - Atomic Bombs

Ravita joined BDA in September 2020. Ravita has primarily worked with toddlers/ preschool age children and is now working with Atomic Bombs, children ages 18 - 24 months!

Ravita moved to Brooks from India with her husband and 2 sons in 2019. While in India, was was a Biology and Environmental Science teacher for 11 years. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and gardening. 

Within the classroom, Ravita loves to participate in yoga and dancing with the children. Ravita's desire to learn is an inspiration to other educators and she plays a vital role in continuing to enhance practices in the program. 

Ravita is currently enrolled in the ECE Diploma program.

A special note: My favourite part about being an educator is observing and understanding the children's behaviour. She enjoys reading books together with the children and experiences science experiments or joining in with risky play. 


Ms. Agatha - Atomic Bombs & Release Educator

A special note: My favourite part about being an educator is 


Ms. Helena - Cherry Bombs & Preschool

Ms Helena joined BDA in March 2019. Throughout her time at BDA, Helena has worked primarily with the After Shock children. This year Helena is also teaching preschool! 


Helena was born and raised in Southern Alberta. Coming from a big family with four brothers, two sisters, and multiple nieces and nephews, Helena has had the chance to be surrounded by young kiddos. Helena enjoyed living on a farm working in the field and taking care of the animals. 


Within the classroom, Helena loves going on field trips to explore our community with the children, playing board games and diving into art projects. 


When not working, Helena enjoys the outdoors, watching hockey and exploring the mountains. 


A special note: My favourite part about being an educator is building relationships with the children and families. 


Ms. Paige- Baby & Atomic Bombs release educator

Ms. Paige joined BDA in February 2022. Paige works primarily with infants and toddlers as a release educator. 


Paige was born and raised in Brooks. Paige enjoys reading and completing puzzles and has a passion for music and animals. 


In the classroom, Paige enjoys reading with the children and learning about their interests. Paige realized she wanted to become an educator after becoming an aunty to three nieces whom she loves dearly.


Previous to becoming an educator, Paige had completed post secondary education for bookkeeping. 


A special note: My favourite part about being an educator is building relationships with the children and their families. 


Ms. Michelle - TNT Tots

Ms. Michelle joined BDA in January 2022 and works primarily in the TNT room!


Michelle grew up in Lethbridge and has lived in Medicine Hat as well as Brooks.


Michelle has a passion for watching the kids grow and learning with them everyday.  As a mother of two, Michelle brings great experience to the program. Michelle first began as a parent at BDA with her youngest child being apart of our preschool program! Michelle she was very excited to join our team in a new capacity! 


A special note: In the classroom, I enjoy watching the children work to find different uses for items and watching their minds work.


Ms. Alexandra - Release Educator Infants - Toddlers

Alex joined BDA in August 2022 and is working on becoming certified as a Level 1 ECE.


Alex grew up in Brooks and enjoys spending her free time playing games, reading or hanging out with my cats.

Within the classroom, Alex enjoys getting messy with art and playing games with the kids. 

Alex hopes to enrol in the University of Lethbridge to get her Bachelor of Education next fall to then teach Elementary school. 


A special note: My favourite part about being an educator is building relationships with the children and of course all the hugs!!


Ms. Leiza - Baby Bombs


Leiza joined BDA in August 2018. 

Leiza and her husband live together in Brooks with their son and two dogs. Leiza was born in Brooks and raised in Brooks/Tilley area. 

Leiza has a Teaching Assistance Certificate, three years towards a Bachelor of Elementary Education and an Early Learning & Child Care Certificate. 


Leiza is certified as a Level 2 ECE. Leiza has spent most of her time at BDA working with infants/ toddlers but has also spent time with the preschoolers. 

Leiza is currently on maternity leave! 

A special note: My favourite part about being an educator is joining in with the children's play and getting to be a big kid at heart!


Ms. Carol-Anne - TNT & Mini Blast

Carol-Anne joined BDA in January 2021 and has since worked primarily with toddlers. Most recently, Carol-Anne has become the inclusive educator in our 2.5 - 3 year old room.

Carol-Anne grew up in Brooks, she enjoys traveling and camping. 

Within the classroom, Carol-Anne enjoys getting messy with the children during activities, Carol-Anne is often having wonderful conversations with the children and communicating observations with parents. Carol-Anne has built a connection with each child in her room. 

Carol-Anne has a Diploma in Social Work and is certified as an ECE Level 2. Carol-Anne is also working working on her Early Learning & Child Care Diploma. 

A special note: My favourite part about being an educator is seeing the children smile and building connections with each individual child. 


Ms. Jody - Release Educator Mini Blast & Micro Burst

A special note: My favourite part about being an educator is 


Ms. Aaliyah - Release Educator (Breaks)

Aaliyah joined BDA in September 2022 and is certified as a Level 1 ECE. Aaliyah works as our one of our break staff in the Infant and preschool classrooms. 


Aaliyah was born and raised in Brooks. In her spare time she enjoys coaching gymnastics along with traveling to the mountains. Aaliyah also has a pet parrot that she likes to spend time with. 


Aaliyah is hoping to go to school to further her education in ECE and learn more about Child Development! 


A special note: My favourite part about being an educator is the excitement of the children while they are playing and having fun.


Ms. Ingrid - After Shock

​​Ms. Ingrid joined BDA in November 2021. Ingrid works primarily with After Shock (school age children) as well as our ¾ year olds. 


Ingrid grew up in Colombia in the city of Cali. She moved to Brooks in 2012. Ingrid also works with the francophone association providing after school services to school age children. 


Within the classroom, Ingrid enjoys getting messy with the kids during activities, especially with art! 


A special note: My favourite part about being an educator is playing with the children and experiencing the day together.


Ms. Lydia - Release Educator 3+

Ms. Lydia joined BDA in February 2022 and works primarily with ages 3 - 5 as a release educator!


Lydia was born in Australia and moved to Tilley when she was 5. Lydia moved to Medicine Hat for a few years and is back!! 


Prior to working at BDA, Lydia worked as a Community Rehabilitation Worker. Lydia has also traveled to Antigua and Barbuda for VBS where she planned for the weeks experiences for children. 


A special note: I love helping children and learning through the challenge that we experience together.


Ms. Joy- Release Educator/ Summer - Grey Room 

Ms. Joy joined BDA in May 2022 and works primarily with our 3-5 year olds!

Joy grew up in Brooks and has lived here for her entire life. Joy is currently attending the University of Lethbridge completing her bachelor's degree in Child Psychology.

In the classroom Ms. Joy enjoys engaging with the children while they navigate and understand the world around them, getting to know themselves as well as their peers!

Special Note: My favourite part about being an educator is learning new things with the children while I watch them learn and grow


Ms. Hannah 

Ms.Hannah joined BDA in May 2021 to cover a term position with our 3/4 year olds. Hannah is currently covering a temporary position in Bassano for October - December. 

Hannah was born and raised in Brooks. 


More informaton to come!

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