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Our program & Facility!

Brooks Dynamite Academy boasts the largest childcare facilities in the area.

We have 13 500 square feet of indoor space and roughly 8000 square feet outside

for children to maximize physical activity and play. 

All classrooms are designed to meet the needs and abilities of the children

enrolled which includes providing opportunities for independence, bathrooms,

accessible sinks and much more! 

BDA programming spaces include:

  • The Blue Room - Designated for Kindergarten to grade 6 children AND the preschool classroom. 

  • Multiple mat spaces which includes the sprung floor, matted areas, bouncy castle when inflated, play structure, toddler roller coasters and lots of equipment.

  • Our facility also includes laundry facilities, art room, parent area, office space, and an upstairs for staff and storage, and more!

  • BDA boasts a large outdoor play space that children access once or twice a day. The outdoor spaces includes gravel, grass and mulch play spaces, outdoor toys, play structures, natural climbing structures, sensory stations and gardens.

Check out each individual space by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting which space you would like to explore!

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