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Join the Detonation team today!

Below are some of our employment incentives! Contact our program to learn more!


Career Opportunity!

Being a staff member at BDA means being a part of an inclusive, collaborative and cooperative work team!

BDA offers part time, full time and casual employment opportunities for primary educators and support staff.

BDA is a proud nominee of the 2021 Business of the year - Employer of the year award!

Continued education funding

Release time for learning

$1500 per year for post secondary education

$500 per year for workshops

$800 per course per year PLUS

45 hrs per year PAID time off


Discounted childcare

Dental, prescription and other health benefits PLUS life insurance

10 - 30% off

Mental Health & well-being spending account


Paid gym memberships & fitness programs, vitamines, manicures and MORE

A full team to allow for flexible employment options

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